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Turning Points: The Death of The West


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When Western civilization has gone too far in using antibiotics, hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap to protect themselves from germs, will Westerners’ weakened immune systems be able to handle a new communicable disease that spreads from a river in Nigeria?

Parents know that their job is important. Sometimes they feel like the weight of the world, or at least the weight of their children’s entire lives, is on their shoulders over every little decision that they make. Sometimes, they’re more correct than they realize. Seen through the lives of Leo O’Callahana and Jacob Johnson, who are American, and Dayo Ademola, who is Nigerian, from birth through the age of thirty, the literary novel Turning Points: The Death of the West shows how parenting decisions and societal pressures over even seemingly trivial matters can later have enormous impacts on both individuals’ and whole societies’ economic situations, their political views and their physical health.

Touching on major political issues such as illegal immigration, the size and scope of government and how they affect, and are affected by, society’s culture, Turning Points: The Death of the West paints a believable portrait of a potential near-future world.




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